Tae Kwon Do: Phase Three
(Theories of Defensive Action)

This presentation is a must for all Black Belts and Instructors. This program covers the Theories, Concepts, and Principles of Defensive Action. Included are; the Theories of Defensive Action, the Defensive Sphere, Avenues of Approach, Angles of Evasion, and the Direction of Force Principle. Grandmaster Benko demonstrates the amazing, yet easy to learn, methods of how to evade attacks with footwork and body-shifting, plus how to use weak points to off-balance an opponent. Learn how to stop even the most aggressive opponent. No matter what style of Mu Do (Martial Art) you study, you can benefit from this presentation.

DVD Order Number: D-103       Price: $49.95
(NTSC format).
Approximate Time: 90 Min.

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