International Hapkido Federation

(World Headquarters)
P.O. Box 281, Grand Blanc, MI 48480, USA
Telephone: (810) 232-6482

Individual Application For Membership

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Name:(Last)__________________________ First:____________________ M Initial:_____

Address(Street):____________________________________ City:_____________________

State:____________ Zip Code:___________________ Country:_______________________

Date Of Birth: Month______ Day_____ Year_________ Phone: (_______)_______________

Instructor's Name:_________________________________ Instructor's Rank:_____________

Style Of Hapkido:__________________________ Total Time In Hapkido:_______________

Your Present Rank:____________ Date Of Rank: Month______ Day_____ Year:__________

I hereby make application for membership in the IHF (International Hapkido Federation™), and upon acceptance, I sincerely pledge to obey all rules and regulations as set forth in the IHF Constitution and By-Laws and by the President and Board of Directors. I clearly recognize that a risk is involved in the studying of the martial arts, Hapkido, and related activities, which has been completely explained to and/or understood by me and my parents and/or guardians.

In Consideration of accepting my application for entry into the IHF, I hereby release the IHF, its President, and all members of the IHF, from all responsibilities and all claims for injuries I may receive while traveling to or from or while practicing Hapkido or any related activities, and the parents and/or guardians of the applicant hereby request that this application be accepted, and in consideration thereof, agree to indemnify and release all members of the IHF, its President, and Board of Directors, from all claims made or which may be made on behalf of the applicant, for the aforesaid consideration.

        _______________________________________     ___________________________
                                           Applicant's Signature                                                                   Date

        _______________________________________     ___________________________
                           Signature of parent or guardian if applicant                                                 Date
                                         is under 18 years of age.

- First-Year Membership Fees -
Includes: IHF Certificate of Rank plus IHF Rank and Identification Card.
GUP (Rank Under Black Belt) = $25.00. Outside U.S.= $25.00        BLACK BELT = $95.00. Outside U.S. = $115.00

Annual Renewal Fees:   (Renewals receive a new Rank and Identification Card)
IHF School Members: GUP = $11.00     BLACK = $12.00
Non IHF School Members:   GUP = $16.00   BLACK BELT = $25.00.

Submit: This Application, A Photo-Copy Of Your Certificate Of Rank, (Black Belts send 2 2"x2" I.D. Photos), And The First-Year
Membership Fee
As Indicated On This Application. Make All Fees Payable To ITA, In U.S. Currency.
IHF Membership Information