International TaeKwon-Do Association

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P.O. Box 281, Grand Blanc, MI 48480, USA
Telephone: (810) 232-6482

ETP (External Testing Program)
Application For Admission

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Name:(Last)___________________________ First:___________________ M Initial:_____

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Your Present Rank:____________ Date Of Rank: Month______ Day_____ Year:_________

The ITA ETP (External Testing Program), is open to ITA 1st Gups and Black Belts. In order for you to advance in rank within the ETP you must be a registered ITA member in good standing and not live with in fifty miles of a registered ITA school You must also meet all ITA Time-In-Rank requirements. To enroll in the Program, submit the following at this time:

  1. ETP Admission Fee: $75.00 (Countries other than U.S. add $30.00)
  2. Completed ITA ETP (External Testing Program) Application.
  3. A Photocopy of your current Certificate of Rank.
  4. ITA Application For Membership & Fee (if not yet an ITA member).
Once admitted to the ETP you shall receive a list of the requirements you are to perform by video and essay, in order to advanced to your next rank. Submit the requirements when you are ready to test. The Testing Fee will be listed with the promotion requirements. All fees are non-refundable. Fees must be in U.S. Currency, in the form of a money order made payable to ITA. Mail all materials to:

ITA (External Testing Program)
Attn: Director of Admissions and Records
Post Office Box 281
Grand Blanc, Michigan 48480, U.S.A.

I hereby apply for admission to the ITA External Testing Program. I fully understand that there are no refunds for any fees. I certify that all information on this application and materials submitted are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I further certify that I am at least 18 years of age.

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