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This Order Form Is For On-Line CREDIT CARD Orders ONLY!
To order, fill in the form below and then click "Submit Order" at the bottom of this form.
If you would prefer, you can Mail your order by using our PDF Order Form.

Minimum Credit Card Order Is $50.00.

Shipping & Handling: Add $9.00 For First Item And $3.00 For Each Additional Item (Within U.S.).
Outside U.S. Include Regular S&H Plus Add $3.00 Per Item. Michigan Residents Add 6% Sales Tax. All purchases are non-returnable. No refunds.
Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.
(Payments are to be in U.S. Currency)

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Order Any 5 DVDs For Only $115 Plus S&H.
Order Any 3 DVDs For Only $69 Plus S&H.
When Ordering DVD Specials, Select the DVDs you want from the "Item Bar Lists",
then type in the amount ($115.00 for 5 DVDs or $69.00 for 3 DVDs) in the Sub Total Box.
Add S&H For All Each DVD, and Any Tax That May Apply. Then Total The Amount.

Credit Card Holder Information

Name (As it appears on Card):
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Phone: (Required
E-Mail Address (Required)

Credit Card Information

Card Number:
    Credit Card:     Exp. Date: Month       Year:

Select Items
Fill in the quantity you wish to order in the "Qty:" box.
Click on the "down arrow" at the right of the "Item Bar List:" and a list of items will appear.
Click on the item you wish to order. The item will appear in the item bar list window.
Continue to "Select Item 3" to order another item, etc.
            Qty:   Description:

Other Items

Certain items, such as ITA patches, do not appear in the item lists above.
Any items not appearing in the above lists may be ordered here.
Fill in the quantity you wish to order in the "Qty:" box.
In the "Description:" box, type in the order number
and description
of the item(s) you would like to order.

              Qty: Description: Price:

Total Items and Submit Order

Fill in the "Sub Total:", "MI Tax:" (if you live in Michigan),
add in the "Shipping:", calculate the "Total:",
then click "Submit", to send in your order.

Sub Total:
MI Tax:


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