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Australians Train And Test At ITA International Headquarters

LAPEER, MI, USA- International Tae Kwon Do arrived in Australia with establishment of the Southern Cross TaeKwon-Do school in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Master Michael Wallace is the head instructor of the dojang (school). Master Wallace and three of his school instructors traveled to United States to train and test for rank promotions at ITA World training headquarters in Lapeer, Michigan.

ITA Vice-President, Head Master John McDowell, Master Joan McDowell, and Master David McDowell were on vacation in Australia and while there visited the Southern Cross TaeKwon-Do School. They trained with the students and instructors and passed on advanced training and teaching techniques. The impact of this visit prompted Master Wallace and his instructional staff to later travel to the ITA World Training Headquarters, to receive advanced training, and test.

Upon their arrival at ITA headquarters, they received two days of training preparing them for their test. Conducting the training was Head Master John McDowell with the assistance of several other ITA Masters and black belts. None of the Australians had ever personally met Grandmaster Benko until the day of the test. This was done in part so that they would not be so nervous. They were able to ask questions about techniques and polish their patterns in preparation for the big day.

The test lasted several hours and everyone passed. After the test Master Wallace and the other Australian instructors were able to meet Grandmaster Benko as he commented on their performances and extended his personal congratulations to them. Later that evening Grandmaster Benko took everyone to dinner and got to know each of them. The next two days consisted of advanced training with Grandmaster Benko along with ITA Masters and black belts. It was a great learning experience for everyone.

Front row - left to right - Master Ron Jovanovitz, Master Joan McDowell, Master Susan Whitman, Grandmaster Benko (suit), Master Michael Wallace, Head Master John McDowell (suit), Bradley Ellison, Peter Hannigan, Master David McDowell.
Back row - left to right - Master Greg McDowell, Jordan Peter, Justin Culibao, Master Joseph McDowell, Jerry Neale, Lawrence Bebout, Ryan Ball.

From left to right - Peter Hannigan, Bradley Ellison, Head Master John McDowell, Grandmaster Benko, Master Michael Wallace, Justin Culibao.


Master Wallace applying control technique to Master David McDowell

Bradley Ellison looks on as Peter Hannigan and Justin Culibao work on their patterns.

From left to right - Bradley Ellison, Peter Hannigan, ITA President and Founder Grandmaster James S. Benko, Master Michael Wallace, Justin Culibao.


Justin Culibao and Peter Hannigan performing a pattern during their promotional examination.

Peter Hannigan, Justin Culibao and Bradley Ellison preparing to demonstrate a pattern during their promotional examination.


Master Wallace applying a kwan jyel sul technique to Lawrence Bebout.

Bradley Ellison applies an immobilization technique against Lawrence Bebout.

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