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International TaeKwon-Do Association (ITA) In New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND- International Tae Kwon Do arrived in New Zealand with establishment of several Tae Kwon Do schools under the direction of ITA Head Instructor Paul A. Hicks.

The ITA is pleased that Head Instructor Hicks decided to help establish ITA presents in New Zealand. With the establishment of the schools under Head Instructor Hicks and his ITA instructors, individuals will now have the opportunity to learn Traditional Tae Kwon Do training throughout New Zealand. One should always take "pride" in the organization he/she affiliates with as Head Instructor Hicks' students have chosen to do. We salute them.

The schools have conducted several demonstrations throughout New Zealand and shall continue to do so in order to introduce the general public of all that ITA Tae Kwon Do has to offer. The demonstations have resulted in the recuritment of several new students. The ITA welcomes schools from around the world ITA School Affiliation Information .

ITA Head Instructor, Paul A. Hicks (back row, center, arms folded), with students at one of his ITA school locations.

J.P. Towers - breaking with Front Elbow Strike.

Kahn Brown - Breaking with Reverse Truning Kick.

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