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International TaeKwon-Do Association Comes To Scotland

DUMBARTON, WEST DUNBARTONSHIRE, SCOTLAND - International TaeKwon-Do Association has come to Scotland with the establishment of the SITA (Scottish Independent TaeKwon-Do Association) in Dumnbarton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Master Thomas Leino, is the head instructor of the dojang (school).

Master Leino continues to expand ITA's presence in Scotland by enlightening other Tae Kwon Do schools in his country to the benefits of International TaeKwon-Do Association membership and certification. He acts as advisor to Instuctors and student throughout Scotland, helping to insure patterns are performed correctly and that ITA standards are maintained.

Master Leino relies on his many years of training to make his ITA classes both traditional and progressive. Adapting the many areas of Tae Kwon Do training to suit the needs of a situation, be in patterns, sparring or self-defense.

Scottish Independent TaeKwon-Do Association members training under the watchful eye of Master Leino, Head Instructor.
(back row - left to right): Kris Cairney, Andrew McInnes, Angela Cairney, Aaron Murphy.
(front row - left to right): Arthur Scrase, Bryan Murphy, and Joseph Miller.


Master Leino, SITA President, defends against a tahn bong (short stick) attack, delivered by Arthur Scrase.

Master Leino prepares to demonstrate the tenth pattern in Tae Kwon Do, Kwang-Gae.


Joseph Miller demonstrates a takedown against a tahn bong (short stick) attack, delivered by Arthur Scrase.

Master Leino defends against a kal (knife) attack, delivered by Arthur Scrase.

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