ITA Web Site Featured On (CBS) Television Program The Wild Wild Web

HOLLYWOOD, CA - The CBS television program "Wild Wild Web" featured the International TaeKwon-Do Association's web site. The weekly program features all of the latest developments on the web. In one of their programs they featured the martial arts.

The ITA and Grand Master Benko are extremely proud of being chosen to have the web site featured in the program. Grand Master Benko said, "The information provided at the ITA web site can be beneficial not just to Tae Kwon Do practitioners, but to anyone who is interested in or practices any form of martial arts. Practitioners can now come to an authoritative source of factual information. Our website provides insight into the history, philosophy, and techniques of the Korean martial arts."

The online article also offers a video clip from the program. A link to aikido movie clips is excellent and worth taking the time to check out. It is television programs such as this which present the martial arts to the public in a positive way. The International TaeKwon-Do Association web site is updated almost every day with additional information, news, and services.

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