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Q:   Can I Really Afford To Have My Own WEB SITE?

A:   Yes! For a fraction of the cost of a traditional print, TV or Radio advertising campaign, you can have an ongoing and Word Wide Web Site.  Visit our pricing page for affordable rates and quote information.

Q:   I Have, Or Wish To Start, An On-Line Magazine. Can You Maintain It?

A:   Yes! We are able to maintain and update your on-line magazine, newsletter, or publication. If you wish to start an on-line publication we can design and maintain it for you.  Visit our on-line publications page for more information.

Q:   What Will It Take To Get My WEB SITE Started or Updated?

A:   Simply complete our online Web Services Request Form or contact us via e-mail or phone.  ITA Web Site Designers will work with you to help you attain the site that best meets your requirements.

Q:   Can An Individual Have Their Own WEB SITE?

A:   Yes! Individuals have equally unprecedented opportunities on the Internet.  You can express opinions, share interest, announce the birth of a new baby or just promote yourself.

Q:   Does ITA Web Site Designers Limit The Number Of Hits I Receive To My Site Each Month?

A:   No! At ITA Web Site Designers the number of hits your site receives is not limited to a certain number. We feel that our clients should not be penalized for having a popular WEB SITE.

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