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The following is a list of some of our clients and in-house samples for you to view.

Capitol Auto Sales
Capitol Auto Sales: This sample web site includes several pages and many pictures, a listing of vehicles offered, details and close-ups of each vehicle, animated graphics, custom logo, vehicles search form, and contact page.

Northern Realty
Northern Realty: This sample web site includes an individual page for each property offered with request for information and/or showing, 2 pages of house listings, close-ups of each property, custom logo, staff (agents) page, and contact page.

Great Lakes Lighthouses
Great Lakes Lighthouses: This web site includes Lighthouse CD's, Screen Savers, and Photos for Framing, History and Statistics of Lighthouses, sub-menus, Sample of CD Images, Catalog of Lighthouse photos and Screen Savers, On-line order form listing all products by selection bars.
Tae Kwon Do Journal
Tae Kwon Do Journal (On-line Publication): This web site is a complete on-line publication. Includes: articles, images, latest news, and links. If you want to put your company's newsletter on line, let us show you how.

International TaeKwon-Do Association
International TaeKwon-Do Association: This web site is one of the most advanced you will find. Over one hundred pages plus, links, animated gifs, banners, "click-on" sounds, applications, 3 different Catalogs: Video, Book, Audio, and an On-line order form listing all products by selection bars.

Korean Martial Arts Institute
Newsletter Online
Korean Martial Arts Institute Newsletter Online: Here is an example of how you can effectively use your company newsletter on-line. Keep your employees and customers up-to-date. Provide information on News, Discounts, Specials, Polices, or any other type of information you feel would benefit your customers and/or employees.

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