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Free Sparring
(Cha U Dare Ee On)

by Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Dan

One of the most detailed presentations about Free Sparring (Cha U Dare Ee On) ever produced. Grandmaster Benko, President and Founder of the International TaeKwon-Do Association, who has studied the Korean Martial Arts since 1959, demonstrates footwork, hand attacks, kicking, take-downs, combinations, and sweeps.

Learn step-by-step how to attack and counterattack an opponent. See how to create openings and penetrate an opponent's defenses. Learn how to evade an opponent's attacks through body-shifting and positioning with footwork. You will see how an opponent actually creates openings in his own defense. Grandmaster Benko shows you how to out fight a "kicking specialist" and how to out maneuver a "hand fighting technician". No matter what style of Mu Do (Martial Art) you study, you can benefit from this presentation.

Topics Featured:
How To Use Hand Attacks.
Combination Kicking Techniques.
Hand And Foot Combinations.
Footwork To Help Out Maneuver Your Opponent.
How To Evade An Opponent's Attacks.
Positioning, To Set Up Your Attacks And Defenses.

Order Number:   D-107      
Price:           $29.95
Run Time Approx.:     50 Min.
Language:   English
Format:   NTSC

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