Kwan Jyel Sul
(Joint Manipulation Techniques)

Kwan jyel sul (joint manipulation techniques) is the focus of this presentation. The six principles of kwan jyel sul are; manipulation of the joints, controlling the muscles, regulating the breathing, restraining the blood, direction of force, and body reaction. Kwan jyel techniques are used by the FBI, military and law enforcement personnel, aikido, hapkido, jujitsu, and other martial arts styles throughout the world. Grandmaster Benko reveals some of the "special control techniques" he taught to other Green Berets while in Viet Nam. This is a first-hand look into the world of "realistic" self-defense for survival. Learn to control an assailant with immobilizations, throws, joint locking and twisting.

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Approximate Time: 40 Min.

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Animated Kwan Jyel Sul Technique