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Hyel Do Sul
(Vital Point Techniques)

by Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Dan

Know just how vulnerable an opponent is as Grandmaster Benko teaches you the hyel do (vital points) of the body. Learn how to stop an opponent quickly.

There are three primary hyel do categories; tong hyel, relates to vital points which when pressure is applied pain or the reduction of pain will occur. Ma hyel, relates to vital points of the body which if struck or pressure is applies to, will result in some level of paralysis. This paralysis may be temporary, prolonged or permanent. Sa hyel (lethal points), are areas which when struck or pressure in applied to may result in unconsciousness or death.

Topics Featured:
30 Primary Target Areas Names In English And Korean.
Detailed Explanation Of Each Of The 30 Primary Target Areas.
30 Primary Target Areas.
      Top Of The Skull. ----------------------------------   The Temple.
      Bridge Of The Nose. -----------------------------   Philtrum.
      Point Of The Chin. --------------------------------   Mandible.
      Mandibular Joint. ----------------------------------   Upper Neck.
      Clavicle. -----------------------------------------------   Sternum.
      Solar Plexus. ----------------------------------------   Floating Ribs.
      Lower Abdomen. -----------------------------------   Groin Area.
      The Eyes. ---------------------------------------------   Wind Pipe.
      Adam's Apple. ---------------------------------------   Heart.
      Spleen. -------------------------------------------------   Liver.
      Elbow Joint. -------------------------------------------   Armpit.
      Occiput. ------------------------------------------------   Cervical Spine.
      Small Of Back. --------------------------------------   Coccyx.
      Knee Joint. --------------------------------------------   Instep.
      Inner Thigh. --------------------------------------------   Tibia.
Combination Techniques Using Hyel Do Points.
Joint Locks And Manipulations.

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Run Time Approx.:   60 Min.
Language:   English
Format:   NTSC

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