Advanced Kwan Jyel Sul
(Joint Manipulation Techniques)

This presentation delves deeper into the intricacies of kwan jyel sul (joint manipulation techniques). Being able to control an opponent with the minimum amount of effort on your part, with the use of kwan jyel sul is one of the prime objectives of this presentation. Grandmaster Benko shows you how much easier it is to take charge in a self-defense situation with the use of kwan jyel sul and its joint locking and twisting techniques. Close-up views provide you with a first-hand look at how to defend against hand and foot attacks, holds and different grabs. No matter what rank you are, or what style of the martial arts you study, this program will be a welcome addition to your video collection.

DVD Order Number: D-114       Price: $49.95
(NTSC format).
Approximate Time: 90 Min.

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Animated Kwan Jyel Sul Technique