Cha-Ru (Tonfa)

In this presentation Grandmaster Benko covers the cha-ru. The Korean word for cha-ru means "handle" in English (tonfa in Japanese). Cha-Ru refers to the handle attached to a small millstone used to grind rice. Grandmaster Benko demonstrates cha-ru defenses against both unarmed and armed opponents. Techniques are taught step-by-step and include: Disarms, Gripping the cha-ru, swinging the cha-ru, trapping, immobilizations, throws, strikes, and blocks. Applications of basic movements against an opponent are demonstrated by Grandmaster Benko. Views from different angles and close-ups are shown.

DVD Order Number: D-124       Price: $49.95
(NTSC format).
Approximate Time: 90 Min.

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