Hapkido Defenses Against
Knife Attacks

Watch in awe as Grandmaster Benko demonstrates Hapkido defenses against an opponent armed with a kal (knife). This presentation features: Controlling the weapon, Disarming an opponent, and Immobilizing an opponent. Learn how to use the minimum amount of force to control an opponent armed with a knife. Grandmaster Benko includes some no nonsense defenses he taught to other Green Berets while in Viet Nam. Learn how to quickly dispatch an armed opponent. Views of techniques are shown close up and from different angles. If you thought you knew how to defend against real knife attacks, think again! This presentation is a MUST for any Hapkido Instructor teaching defenses against knife attacks.

DVD Order Number: D-132       Price: $49.95
(NTSC format).
Approximate Time: 60 Min.

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