Korean Swordsmanship: Volume 4
3rd Gup To 1st Gup

This presentation features a detailed look at the Shim Soo Do™, Korean Swordsmanship requirements to advance in rank from 3rd Gup Blue Belt to 1st Gup Red Belt. Includes: The 5 "Pa-Ram Gum Hyungs" (Wind Sword Forms), as well as "Gum Dare E On" (Sword Sparring), Part One. All Hyungs (Patterns) are shown at normal speed, slow speed and with a close-up view to provide the viewer with a better understanding of each movement. Front and side views are also shown. Grandmaster Benko demonstrates and explains the meanings of the movements of each Hyung and its applications.

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(NTSC format).
Approximate Time: 60 Min.

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