International Hapkido Federation

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Telephone: (810) 232-6482

School Membership Application

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Name Of School:____________________________________________________________

Address(Street):_____________________________________ City:___________________

State:__________ Zip Code:__________________ Country:__________________________

Date School Opened:_______________________ Phone: (_______)___________________

How Many Gups At This School?__________ How Many Dans At This School?__________

Address To Which All Correspondence Is To Be Sent

Name:(Last)__________________________ First:____________________ M Initial:_____

Address(Street):____________________________________ City:____________________

State:____________ Zip Code:____________________ Country:______________________

Home Phone: (______)__________________ Work Phone: (______)___________________

Your Rank:___________________ Number Of Instructors At This School:_______________

Submit a list of the names and addresses of all Instructors and Officials of this school. New School affiliations submit, with this application, the First-Year School Membership Fee, plus another School Membership Application and $50.00 for each additional school you have. All schools must register with the IHF.

I, the undersigned, do hereby agree to register all Instructors, Students, and Schools with the IHF, at this time. I understand that my School(s) are subject to inspection by the IHF President and/or other IHF officials at any time. I agree to adhere to all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures as set forth in the IHF Constitution and By-Laws, and by the President and Board of Directors. I understand that all fees, dues, or payments of any kind are non-refundable.

        ______________________________________     ____________________________
                                           Applicant's Signature                                                                   Date

First Year School Membership Fee: $75.00
(Annual School Membership Renewal Fee: $45.00)

Submit: This Application And Fee, A Photo-Copy Of Your Certificate Of Rank,
Head Instructor Application And Fee,
Individual Applications For Membership, For You and ALL Of Your Students
And The Fees As Indicated On The Applications.

(Make All Fees Payable To ITA, In U.S. Currency Only)

IHF Membership Information