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This portion of our publication is devoted to our Gups (those whose rank is below Black Belt). The following are some of the essays written by KMAI Gups as part of their promotional examination requirements.

by Thomas Fisher, 7th Gup

This summer I went to Korean Culture Camp. We did a lot of activities. Some of the things we did were Tae Kwon Do, Korean drumming, songs, art, and Korean dancing.

My favorite was Tae Kwon Do. We did blocks, punches, kicks, and sparring. I did good because I already knew how to do it!

The last day of camp my group did a Tae Kwon Do demo and I got to do the sparring part. Korean Culture Camp was fun!

by Karl Douglas, 10th Gup

I like Tae Kwon Do because I learn more and more stuff and I like all of it. But what I like most is running around the building and that my Masters are very, very nice. It is also good to learn how to defend yourself in case a stranger tries to hurt you. Don't defend yet, first try to run. If you can't, then defend.

Tae Kwon Do is good exercise. It keeps your body and heart in good shape. I like the friends that I made since I started Tae Kwon Do. They were nice and helped me.

by Janet English, 10th Gup

When I fist started Tae Kwon Do I originally wanted some much needed peace of mind and exercise, but I have learned a whole lot more! Since the start I have put my two children in daycare in order to attend morning classes. That alone has taught me that if you look hard and find good people to trust your children with, they will be fine without you once in a while.

My husband realizes his extra role now so that I can attend some extra night classes. He tries to come home from work earlier. Now he is able to help out more with the childrens' baths, cleaning, giving of medicine, and you get the idea, in general, just help out more around the house.

I know in the beginning it wasn't easy, but now Tom really enjoys the extra time he shares with the kids. Last but not least, my two children understand that they need to help keep the house clean by picking up their toys. I feel that Tae Kwon Do has given me peace of mind, exercise, and taught me some self-defense. Tae Kwon Do has also taught my family how to come together even more as a team and work together and communicate even better so everyone benefits.

by Monique Morris, 9th Gup

The reason I like Tae Kwon Do is because of Chon-Ji. Chon-Ji is a pattern of 19 moves. I like to do Chon-Ji because that's my highest pattern! I also like doing kicking drills, middle steps, forward rolls, and everyone who helps me learn what I have already learned!

by Aaron Witek, 10th Gup

Learning Tae Kwon Do has helped me concentrate and has improved by skill in playing sports. I feel that since I have started TaeKwon Do with the KMAI, my ability to play soccer is much better. I also have learned to focus on what I am doing.

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