DVD Review
Bo-Tongfa-Sai-Tan Bo
by Brian Ricci and Frank Gaviola

The Sai, Bo, Tongfa and Tan Bo are the weapons of Okinawan Kobudo that are presented on this DVD by Master Instructors Brian Ricci and Frank Gaviola.

These sai, tongfa, bo and tan bo weapons are the best weapons the Okinawan farmers used against the samurai of medieval Japan.

Today these weapons are used for physical strength training and as well to promote the culture of Okinawa.

Both Ricci and Gaviola have done, yet again, a first-class job presenting these weapons and should be commended on the easy to follow instructions they offer to you in this DVD.

Ricci and Gaviola were both top-notch competitors in both traditional tournaments and in the NASKA type tournaments as they were able to bridge the gap between the two worlds most successfully.

Learn each of the following kata:
  • Tawada No Kon Kata
  • Matsu Higa No Tongfa Kata
  • Chatan Yara No Sai Kata
  • Sekiun No Tan Bo Kata
This DVD is fully indexed so you can go directly to the kata you want to practice. Picture clarity is excellent as well as the narration. Anyone who wishes to learn these kata (patterns), will find this presentation a helpful guide.

Sensei Brian Ricci was born on August 14, 1950 in Everett, Massachusetts just six miles from downtown Boston. His first interest in the martial arts was a result of watching movies. At that time no one knew much about karate but he knew that he wanted to learn the techniques that he was seeing on film.

Brian Ricciís karate training started in 1965 with Peter Ventresca. He received his black belt in 1972. At twenty-two years old he decided he wanted to learn the martial arts in more in depth and was accepted as a student by Dr. Richard Kim. Eventually, after many years, Brian Ricci became the assistant instructor to Dr. Kim.

In the year 2000 Dr. Richard Kim awarded his long time student, Brian Ricci, a seventh degree black belt. That is the highest rank ever awarded and the only time that rank was ever awarded by Dr. Kim.

After Sensei Richard Kimís death Sensei Brian Ricci has continued his teacherís work in passing on the martial arts to the next generation of martial arts students.

The majority of members in Sensei Richard Kimís organization, The Zen Bei Butoku-Kai International, are now training with him.

Run Time: 55 min.
Number of Discs: 1
Language: English
Format: NTSC
Contact: The Martial Arts Supermarket