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Tae Kwon Do 3-Step Sparring
(Sambo Dare Ee On)

by Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Dan

Featured in this presentation is 3-Step Sparring (Sambo Dare Ee On). These are the 3-Step Sparring Techniques required by the International TaeKwon-Do Association™ in order to advance in rank. Grandmaster Benko demonstrates the techniques to insure Instructors are teaching them correctly. This program covers defenses against a variety of Hand and Foot attacks as well as Footwork used to evade attacks. Take-Downs are also demonstrated along with basic Kwan Jyel Sul (Joint Manipulation Techniques) used at this level.

Techniques Featured:
Defenses Against Straight Attacks.
Defenses Against Inward Attacks.
Defenses Against Outward Attacks.
Defenses Against Downward Attacks.
Defenses Against Kicks.
Defenses Against Hand Attacks.
Moving To The "Open Side".
Moving To The "Closed Side".
How To Counterattack Using Hand Strikes.
How To Counterattack Using Kicks.
Basic Take-Down Techniques.
Basic "Kwan Jyel Sul" (Joint Manipulation) Techniques.

Order Number:   D-115  
Price:   $29.95
Run Time Approx.:   40 Min.
Language:   English
Format:   NTSC

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