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Jang Tan-Do Sparring 1
(Long Daggers vs Sword)

by Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Dan

In this presentation Han Kuk Mu Ki Do™ Founder, Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Degree Black Belt, demonstrates how to use the Jang Tan-Do (Long Daggers) to defend against an opponent armed with a Gum (Sword).

Each technique is performed at normal and slow speeds. Close-up views are also shown to help clarify each movement. Featured are; blocks, deflections, re-directions, and counterattacks. Learn how to trap the opponent's sword then quickly counterattack. See how to disarm the opponent.

Experience the movements of the jang tan-do as you see how these "flashing blades" are used to dispatch the sword-wielding opponent.

Topics Featured:
Introduction by Han Kuk Mu Ki Do™ Founder, Grandmaster James S. Benko.
Anatomy of the Jang Tan-Do.
Defenses Against Horizontal Cuts.
      Defense Against High Inward Cut.
      Defense Against High Outward Cut.
      Defense Against Middle Inward Cut.
      Defense Against Middle Outward Cut.
      Defense Against Low Inward Cut.
      Defense Against Low Outward Cut.
Defenses Against Upward Cuts.
Defenses Against Downward Cuts.
Defenses Against 45 Degree Angle Cuts.
      Defense Against Downward 45 Degrees To The Left.
      Defense Against Downward 45 Degrees To The Right.
Defenses Against Thrusts.
      Defense Against Mid-Section Thrust.
      Defense Against High-Section Thrust.

Order Number:   D-140  
Price:   $29.95
Run Time Approx.:   60 Min.
Language:   English
Format:   NTSC

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