Tahn Bong Sul: Volume 1
(Short Stick Techniques)

This presentation features part of the tahn bong (short stick) requirements to reach 1st Degree Black Belt in Korean Weapons. Grandmaster Benko demonstrates: Gripping the Tahn Bong, Flipping the Tahn Bong, Figure 8 Hyung (Pattern), Bowing, Presenting and Receiving the Tang Bong, Guard Positions (for Defense and Offense), Body Shifting, Side Stepping, Strikes, the "Basic Striking Pattern", Blocks, Target Areas, and "Il Tahn Bong Hyung" (First Short Stick Pattern). The pattern is shown from front and side view, at slow and normal speeds, and with applications, from both the front and side.

DVD Order Number: D-252       Price: $49.95
(NTSC format).
Approximate Time: 74 Min.

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