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World Martial Arts Federation - Grand Master James S. Benko

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World Martial Arts Federation™

Welcome to the WMAF Home Page. The World Martial Arts Federation™ is an organization consisting of Martial Arts Black Belts, Masters, and Grand Masters. The WMAF provides rank certification for indiviuals or groups who hold the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt or higher in any martial arts style. The WMAF is a non-political Worldwide martial arts organization.

The WMAF is one of the most pretigious martial arts organizations recognized throughout the world. The WMAF was founded by Grand Master James S. Benko. Grand Master Benko is one of the highest ranked non-asian martial artist in the world.

The WMAF offers official rank certification in all Martial Arts styles. An instructor who is a member of the WMAF may certify his/her black belts students with the WMAF by submitting an WMAF Online Individual Application For Membership for each black belt student.

Those who are dedicated to practicing and teaching the Martial Arts can, perhaps for the first time, be able to take pride in the organization to which belong. The WMAF is NOT a "diploma mill". All ranks must be authenticated before the WMAF will issue a certificate of rank. The WMAF is a safe haven to those who wish to practice their Martial Arts without having to concern themselves with power struggles amongst organization instructors.

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