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ITA In New Zealand
The ITA is pleased that Head Instructor Hicks decided to help establish ITA presents in New Zealand. With the establishment of the schools under Head Instructor Hicks and his ITA instructors, individuals will now have the opportunity to learn Traditional Tae Kwon Do training throughout New Zealand

Australians Train And Test At ITA International Headquarters
Master Wallace Head Instructor of the Southern Cross TaeKwon-Do school in Sydney, NSW, Australia, and his staff came to the ITA World Training Headquarters, to receive advanced training, and test directly under Grand Master Benko.

Grandmaster Benko Appoints New ITA Vice-President
Following the death of Master Bruce A. Benko, ITA Vice-President, Grand Master Benko has appointed a new Vice-President of the ITA, Grand Master John McDowell. He holds ranks in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Korean Swordsmanship, and Tang Soo Do.

ITA Comes To Scotland
International TaeKwon-Do Association has come to Scotland with the establishment of the SITA (Scottish Independent TaeKwon-Do Association) in Dumnbarton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Master Thomas Leino, is the head instructor of the dojang (school).

General Choi Hong Hi's Death Causes Break Up Of The ITF
Since his death the I.T.F. has fragmented into many factions all claiming to be the I.T.F., Canada, North Korea, England, etc., and have been changing movements in patterns and adding new patterns. The ITA teaches original Chang-Hun Tae Kwon Do.

ITA Vice-President, Bruce A. Benko, Passes Away
Grandmaster Benko's Brother Master Bruce A. Benko, vice-president of the ITA, passed away at 9:34 PM on June 7, 2006, at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan, USA Master Benko was 53 at the time of his death.

Master Susan Whitman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Grandmaster Benko announced that he has established the "Susan Whitman Memorial Martial Arts Scholarship Fund". Through this scholarship Master Whitman will continue to reach out and help those who love the martial arts as she did.

The ICA Offers Combat Training Programs:
The ICA (International Combat Association) offers combat training programs. Grand Master Benko, founder of the ICA, developed these combat training programs in order to help prepare individuals and groups for combat.